Tuesday 29 May 2012

Project Doll's House: Wall Heights

The height of the side walls is of course determined by the height of the rooms. As discussed previously, a reasonable room height is 2.40 m or 20 cm. In order to make this easier, I decided to make the distance floor-to-floor 200 mm, and thus for my choice of 9-mm plywood, this leaves a room height of 191 mm or 2.29 m in real life, which is still very realistic. For two floors, this makes 400 mm wall height.

However, it would not be good to have the roof rest directly on the floor, and therefore I added 11 mm more height. The reason for my choice of 11 mm is that the 45° inclined roof will have an internal maximum height of 180 mm, and adding 11 mm will make this the same room height as in the lower floors: 191 mm. Due to the inclination of the roof, this is somewhat arbitrary, but it seemed logical at the time, and turned out to work well in the end. See the drawing for details (click for larger version).

After fixing these dimensions, also the height of the internal walls was fixed. They should slot into floor and ceiling, into grooves of 3 mm depth. Thus the height of the walls is 197 mm.

Photos and design: Thomas Ulich.

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