Tuesday 5 February 2013

Day 24: Shiny Floors

On Monday morning, the concrete for the floor was poured in, resulting in very shiny floors. Shiny, because a thin film of water on the floor still waits for evaporation. The floor heating hoses are now encased, and they are already warm. Also, the chemical reaction in the concrete is heating the floor, which is hardening rapidly. Apparently after only a day one can walk on it, but it takes some two weeks to dry out completely. The view above is from the edge of the back door, looking across the full length of Our House all the way to the terrace door of the living room.

An additional powerful fan has been installed in order to get rid of the moisture created by the drying floor. It is essential that the floor is completely dry by the time the floor is completed. Otherwise moisture will be trapped causing the flooring material to warp, or the floor itself to create mould.

The final photo shows again the shiny floor, and two machines. The tall grey machine is the geothermal heat pump including the boiler for warm water supply, and the small white box suspended next to it under the ceiling is the air pump of the ventilation system discussed yesterday.

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