Sunday 3 March 2013

Day 35: Brickwork Complete

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in laying the remaining bricks, so our mason went ahead on Friday (Day 35; 1st March), and finished this part of the work. The fireplace is complete, bar the plaster and paint to cover the bricks, and of course the glass door for the fire.

What's next? Today it's cleaning up properly after the masonry, because tomorrow (Monday, 4th March), the team from the house company will come to start with the interior. Their first task will be to smoothen all walls with plaster and prepare them for painting, later the ceiling will be installed, including all the electrical installation for lighting etc. At some point floors and kitchen will come.

The countdown is running, though, we will be given the house on 11th April, and the final inspection, which has to take place before anyone is allowed to live in the house, is scheduled for 17th April. Only about six weeks to go!

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