Sunday 10 March 2013

Day 38: Walls and Ceiling

It's amazing to see what one person can do in only three days. Due to very intense work schedules, I didn't manage to visit the construction site earlier, and I almost could not believe my eyes (Wednesday, 6th March; Day 38). The photo above shows the living room. All walls in the house are now smoothed with plaster and painted with primer, and the ceiling is installed.

Here's a photo of the ceiling. It's basically white, but one can see the structure of wood through it, which gives a very nice effect. The material is MDF-based, some kind of laminate for the ceiling.

In the meantime, our mason also had visited and put a first layer of plaster on the fireplace, which starts to reveal what it will eventually look like. Just imagine the grey to be some warm "almost-white."

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