Friday 15 March 2013

Day 43a: More Walls Reveal Their Final Colour

On Day 43 (12th March), more walls received their paint, at least two coats for every wall. Apparently our choice of accentuating one wall in every room causes a lot of extra work, because the main paint can be applied rather fast, but then this needs to dry before the remaining wall can be painted. The photo above shows the eastern wall of the sitting room ("Angora").

You can probably guess, whose room this will be. We encountered this paint bucket previously ("Pioni"). The remaining two walls will be in purple.

The final photo for Day 43 is of our future bedroom ("Cashew"). The remaining walls will be painted tomorrow, and we are very excited to see the colour combinations we chose.

All in all it is very interesting to see the walls painted. When choosing colours on the basis of small paint samples, it is very hard to imagine what a whole wall might look like. As a general rule, choose the colour you like, and then take one shade brighter than that, since a whole wall will always appear darker than the sample. Fortunately we did know this rule beforehand, and we decided to make some bold choices of colour. However, the final feel of every room will become apparent once they are furnished.

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