Saturday 16 March 2013

Day 43b: Fireplace Grouting and Final Plaster

The other thing that happened on Day 43 (12th March), was that our mason came by and applied the final layer of plaster. The plaster was mixed with paint to make it runnier, and then a special roller brush was applied to it, in order to achieve the finish seen above, i.e. a rough surface. Once this is dry, it will be painted with primer and two coats of the final paint – but in which colour?

Furthermore, already in the morning, the black grouting had been applied to the tiles of the fireplaces, which really looks stunning. Here's a detail of tiles and the rough final plaster.

Finally, a view of the whole fireplace. It looks grey, which is due to the plaster still being wet. Once it's dry, it'll be white. The white smooth surfaces below the fireplace were primed earlier and have been left as-is, in order to allow for a good fit of the cleaning hatches against the wall.

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