Wednesday 20 March 2013

More Stuff Arrived

On 15th March, no work was done at the house, and therefore we do not count this day. However,  more stuff appeared on the yard. The palette above contains a pile of doors and door frames. One of the most important items for the whole project is in the unremarkable small white box on top of the doors, the content of which will be revealed in the next photo.

Yep, it's the sauna heater, or "kiuas" in Finnish. There's also a box of stones to fill the heater with. Yes, we'd also like a bath, but a sauna is a decent start anyway for now.

More essentials were delivered on another palette, two toilets, toilet seats, and sinks. All of these new deliveries will be installed in the near future, starting next week. In between we have some more painting to do in order to finish the fireplace. More about that tomorrow.

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