Saturday 9 March 2013

Day 36: Stuff Arrives

On Monday, 4th March (Day 36), a lot of new material arrived, and also a new subcontractor of the house company came to install it all. Quite amazing: one man will spend three weeks in Our House, and when he's done the ceilings will be installed, the walls will be painted, the floors will be done (both laminate and tiles), and also all the built-in furniture including the kitchen will be deployed. The photo above shows all the laminate "honey oak" flooring. We chose this throughout Our House, and in the kitchen it will be complemented by a work surface in the same shade of oak, while the kitchen will otherwise be white.

The next photos show the tiles we selected for the entrance area as well as the utility room, which houses geothermal boiler, ventilation system, washing machine, tumble dryer, and also the server computer. And, by the way, this is not a funny design, it's white plaster dust from smoothing the walls, which produces these shapes on an otherwise dark olive-brown tile.

Shower room and sauna will be tiled in a very similar colour, but the tiles are smaller for technical reasons. I guess they can better follow the sloped floors towards the drains.

The next photos shows the large, white tiles, which will cover the walls of the shower room. The sauna walls came readily clad in pine wood from the factory – i.e. in the standard, classical, must-have sauna colour.

The final photo shows the smaller, white-ish tile, which will be used in the kitchen for the bit of wall between work surface and wall cupboards.

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