Thursday 14 March 2013

Day 42: Paint, Tiles, and Sealant

This is a weird coincidence: It's Day 42 (11th March) of the construction of Our House, and it's Douglas Adams' 61st birthday! And, no, I wasn't tweaking the counting to match it, it just happened. Fantastic.

A lot of amazing things happened today. The shower room received three coats of sealant paint, which makes walls and floor watertight. Then the tiles were put on the walls. The photo above shows the area, where the shower will be, highlighted by one column of dark tiles. The funny strings everywhere are the spacers between the tiles, they will be removed later when the seams will be filled with grouting.

Here's a view of the utility room just after the first layer of sealant paint had been applied. Before, the walls were painted with a first coat in their final colour ("Soft Ice"), a very light beige.

Also three walls of the toilet were already painted in a light green shade ("Chablis"). The remaining wall opposite of the door will receiver a much stronger green ("Lime") later on. Here the floor had only received some sort of primer, and the same grey sealant paint was applied just after I took the photo.

Finally, the area where all the valves for the floor heating are, also had received the sealant paint, and then the lower end part of the hoses had been encased in plaster. The valves will eventually be hidden behind a panel screwed in front of this recessed area, which will then end up behind the wardrobe of the entrance area.

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