Sunday 13 January 2013

Colouring the Future

Today nothing happened on the land, due to low temperatures (–20°C) and lack of chain saws. Instead I went through all the paper work, sorted all the gazillion technical drawings into some sensible order, and checked the finances. In Finland, the value-added tax was increased from 23% to 24% at the beginning of the year, and we were happy to learn that Muurametalot will swallow the additional per cent, i.e. the price in our contract stands. Nice touch!

In the evening we finally finished a job, which – on and off – took some three weeks: we finalised our plan on which paint to use for which wall. We decided against wallpaper, because we think one can grow tired of any design, and it's tricky to change, while painted walls can simply be painted over. Therefore, we can also be a bit more bold in the choice of colour. The photo shows all the paint samples we were looking at – a subset of twelve different tones were chosen in the end. Happy guessing, which these will be... :-)

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