Thursday 24 January 2013

Day 17: Front Porch and Floor Heating

Today the roof was finished. Even the rain gutters were installed, and the house looks quite complete on first sight. Work was still in progress on the roof of the front porch as well as the covering of the ridge of the roof.

Another lorry came today, but delivering only a tiny palette with hoses staked high. These are the hoses, which will become the floor heating. The floor heating will be installed next week, after which the hoses will be encased in concrete. Somehow I can't imagine that this small amount of hose is enough...

We got a phone call today indicating that the bricks and other materials for the fireplace will be delivered tomorrow. Those won't quite fit on one palette: there'll be about four tons of material coming. Tomorrow we will also have the first visit from the Sodankylä building inspector to see if the roof was done properly, and our mason will drop by to plan the construction of the fireplace.

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