Wednesday 16 January 2013

Our House Arrived in Sodankylä

Today nothing happened on the site, except for one small thing: we still had to put up the signs we got when signing the purchase contract, which instruct the builders where to dump waste wood (puujäte) and other rubbish (sekajäte) as well as inform where the main water cut-off valve is (tonttisulku) and where the geothermal well shall be placed (lämpökaivo).

While deploying the signs, the plumbers happened to arrive, and they asked about the timetable of their connecting the house to the water network. This will now happen on Monday.

While fuelling the car afterwards, I happened to see the lorries with our four house modules arrive. We managed to find where they are parked overnight and had another look, but it was too dark to take a picture. The house modules look as if they were vacuum packed in huge white plastic sheets. The only way to identify them is by their oversize, and by the livery of the lorries, which indicates that they came from where the house factory is, i.e. from Tornio in southern Lapland. Yes, Our House is produced almost locally. Tomorrow's the big day!

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