Friday 11 January 2013

Day 9: Stunning Light and Work Planning

Today nothing happened at the site. The concrete continues to dry in mild temperatures of just -6°C to -8°C last night. Sunrise was today at about 10:45 h, and I went to the site at 11:00 h to meet the people who were in charge of the ground works in order to discuss some remaining work and ask for some corrections. We made plans to implement everything on Monday. At the same time, we were rewarded with a stunningly beautiful Lapland-in-winter day. The photo above is a wide panorama, click to enlarge.

The typical and famous blue-and-red winter colours of arctic Lapland, looking to the north. Tomorrow the weather is forecast to be just as nice, and then we will resume work: during the preparation of the ground, a number of trees were felled, and they are not lying scattered around. Tomorrow we will cut their branches off, chop the stems into chunks and pile them up somewhere for future use.

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