Monday 21 January 2013

Day 14: Outside Walls Nearing Completion

Today, I only managed a quick visit to the site, and first I thought nothing much has happened at all yet. It took a few more glances to spot the difference. Before the weekend, the gaps between the four modules had been closed only by one panel from the inside of the house, leaving large brown-grey stripes visible (see Day 13). Now the walls have been closed from the outside, too, and the house has begun to look like one complete unit instead of four sections. Also, the unprotected corners of the house are now covered by two vertical planks making the corner also look nice.

Thanks to this trim, one can start to imagine the colour: the house will be painted in traditional dark-red, and the vertical trim in the corners, the window and door frames, and some bits of the roof will be white.

Tomorrow, the panels for the roof will be delivered and their installation will begin – if all goes according to plan.

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