Friday 25 January 2013

Day 18: It looks like a house!

Magic, magic: only a week and a day ago, Our House was delivered. Only six busy working days later, Our House looks complete – at least on the outside. The roof is complete, the front porch has a roof and walls, and even the air vents in the foundations are covered in some neat and shiny fashion.

Inside still some walls need closing, floor heating needs to be put in, walls need to be smoothened, primed, and painted. The fireplace needs building. Hmm, yes, the fireplace – now there was a misunderstanding about time tables, and it won't be done next week, but at some point later, after the floor is complete, which fits better into the construction time table. Thus the next item on the agenda is the piping for the floor heating, and the concrete for the floors. This will be done in the coming week. Stay tuned for updates then.

By the way, you can find all blog posts regarding the construction under the tag "Our House."

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