Tuesday 15 January 2013

Day 11: Foundations filled with FinnFoam

Maybe it was a bad idea to praise the mild weather in yesterday's blog post. Today the temperature fell promptly to the appropriate level for the time of year, we woke up to –25°C, and during the day it went up to only –22°C. In the afternoon it was anyway time to fill the other half of the foundation with FinnFoam, since tomorrow even colder weather is forecast, and we will be in Rovaniemi all day, i.e. no time for construction work. Therefore, tomorrow there won't be any blog updates either.

The day after tomorrow, i.e. Thursday, 17th January, deployment of Our House will commence at 08:00 hrs. In any case, we are ready now, the insulation in installed, and everything it ready for the house.

The photo shows me giving the thumbs up: Job done!

A time-lapse film of today's FinnFoaming is on-line now. Yesterday's time-lapse is available, too. Have fun!

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